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Beautiful Imperfections meets Design Junkies

BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTIONS Embracing the imperfect, our flaws and our uniqueness. A mantra I hold close to my heart (as a born perfectionist) and one I speak about in the designer interview to support 'Design Junkies' recently aired on TV1.

This is not so say we should never do our best or strive for excellence, but its about being honest with our selves, excepting our strengths and weaknesses and celebrating them. We should never let the idea of perfectionism stop us from starting something. Failing is a natural part of the process of learning and in the end, it is the journey not the destination that should bring us the greatest joy. And preferably a slow journey, as good things most definitely take more time.

I had to watch this through my fingers at first... yup the perfectionist coming out in me but I think it gets my message across. ps, the hair and make up crew I was expecting did not come with, so here I am beautifully imperfect!

oh and ... Never be too cool for school! Always have a laugh, especially at yourself.

BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTIONS Embracing the imperfect, our flaws and our uniqueness.

What I love about using natural materials and making things by hand are the beautiful imperfections I may come across or create, that might take me in new and unexpected directions. These blemishes like the wrinkles in a saltwater pearl, the veins in marble and the grain in wood remind us that these objects have been on a journey, they have a life and tell a story.

Likewise in the things we craft and the paths we take, not always perfect with a few mistakes, a flaw or an imperfection - but nonetheless so perfectly beautiful and so worth embracing,

because they are real and honest and uniquely ours.

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