• Wendy Nannestad

A Squish and a squeeze

Its been 6 months now since we moved from our beloved bungalow and (your house and garden featured) home into our new 1970's abode. Downsizing from 140sqm - 80sqm (split over 2 levels) has been tough, mostly for me. I still yearn for 'that' kitchen but once again have to adjust to 50cm of bench space and no dishwasher.

When I think about it, my previous kitchen/diner occupied the same sqm as our current kitchen, dining room, lounge, bathroom, laundry and bedroom is combined!! But we do have a humble garage/workshop, our own driveway and 675sqm of land (twice the land/half the house).

Yes we are living the dream - 5 people (consisting of 3 active, exuberant, loud boys) squished into a space suitable for 2 - but we have a vision.... and dreams, well yes...they are worth the pain in the end! Right??!!

I must admit, the location - you cant beat it! Living in the country, in the city. Where else can you jump the fence and go for a 5km run with only the ocean and a regional park as your companion? We have sheep and horses for neighbours and our 2nd hand spa sits proudly next to the the wire fence with views of stars and dreamy west coast ranges. All worth it for a squish and a squeeze!

Our plans are to one day extend - container house possibly but certainly something different and on a budget...we have a vision and dreams, dreams to distract us (me) from the reality of living in 80sqm with 3 boys and 1 man and..... 1 toilet!!

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