A Squish and a squeeze

Its been 6 months now since we moved from our beloved bungalow and (your house and garden featured) home into our new 1970's abode. Downsizing from 140sqm - 80sqm (split over 2 levels) has been tough, mostly for me. I still yearn for 'that' kitchen but once again have to adjust to 50cm of bench space and no dishwasher. When I think about it, my previous kitchen/diner occupied the same sqm as our current kitchen, dining room, lounge, bathroom, laundry and bedroom is combined!! But we do have a humble garage/workshop, our own driveway and 675sqm of land (twice the land/half the house). Yes we are living the dream - 5 people (consisting of 3 active, exuberant, loud boys) squished into a space s

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